RYA Intermediate Powerboat Courses

The RYA Intermediate Powerboat is an ideal course for those who have successfully completed Level 2 coastal but want to improve their powerboat navigation, skills and qualifications.It is recommended you have had at least one seasons experience, VHF radio and first aid courses.

Ideal for developing skills to complete short coastal passages by day. If you have your own boat would be best to do it in that.

RYA Intermediate powerboat

If you have experience we can do a fast track direct assessment course.

You will be required to wear a lifejacket at all times while afloat. We can provide these and waterproofs if required.


2 days


16 yrs>


£325 per person, max 3 students on each boat (10% discount if you bring 3 people)

One to one tuition:

£475. We can collect you from Lymington

Theory: Knowledge of Navigation, true and magnetic bearings, bearings and distance, chart symbols, tidal diamonds and tidal streams, use of pilot books, positions lines, use of marina locks (can be covered practically if appropriate).

An understanding of longitude and latitude, the principles of GPS, sources of forecast information and the interpretation of forecasts.

Planning a day cruise: pilotage,navigation, safety, preparation.

Complete short passages by day.

Boat handling and passage making, effect of rougher conditions, berthing.

Use of GPS in high speed navigation and pilotage by day.

Practical: The aim of the practical session is to put into practice the theory detailed above and to complete a passage.

To understand the importance of: Boat Preparation, Boat Handling, Practical Pilotage, Passage Planning, Man overboard in more demanding conditions